About Us

Meet Judi and Norma

Einstein was once quoted as stating, “Energy is everything”. At El Caribeno we understand this and embrace that our energy, emotions and vibration influence our food. Understanding this concept we also recognize that food has power. Food has the ability to take your mind to distinct places. It’s a gateway to several emotions and food connects us. When was the last time you experienced a flavor that you have never tasted before?

El Caribeno is the leading Dominican Restaurant in Southwest Detroit, with a rapidly growing customer base; because once you taste our decadent creations they become part of you. Everything is made with attention to detail, in good spirit, and with so much love. The made to order signature dishes include: shrimp mofongo, alcapurrias, moro de gandules, chimis, yaroas and empanadas. We also serve delicious desserts and fresh natural juices. All authentic homemade Dominican flavors.

El Caribeno specializes in love, tranquility and calmness for the human spirit through our savor dishes that are made with consciousness and good vibes. Our goal is to enhance the energy of our customers one bite at a time.